Monday 20 September 2010


I love this pot. We bought it from John Kershaw's studio based shop in Windermere over ten years ago. He introduced us to Potfest and we have made annual pilgrimages ever since. He encouraged the girls by selling them the small pieces they admired at pocket money prices. This year John is retiring. There is a sale on at the shop, but it is hard to buy stuff as the opening times have already embraced retirement mode. He will continue to sell work through galleries, but his own small, white, elegant space attached to the dusty studio will close and he will no longer emerge from said studio to wrap his work in tissue and impart quiet nuggets of information. Good luck to him. We will miss him.

Wednesday 15 September 2010


We grew giant sunflowers in a clutch against the wall. Their size and armored structure fascinated me. it seemed unreal that such a thing could form in a season. The birds sowed a few of their own, smaller and more delicate, but with the same interlocking sepals, which in the sketches become indecipherable from the yellow petals. Here is a composite of some of the sketches.